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How to Have One Summary Field Seem To Summarize Another

Question asked by jmci on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by user19752

I have designed a system which lets Employees record the time they work by Category. I have designed a summary report (no body part) that groups all TimeItems by Category and by Employee. My clients wants the report to show total hours by Category, Employee and a grand total. They also want to see hours as a percent of total. The catch is that they want the hours by Employee to be displayed as a percent of the Category rather than as a percent of the grand total.


I have created and attached a small stripped-down version of my app to illustrate my problem. The file has 3 related tables: TimeItem, Category, and Employee. There is a data entry layout for each table and there is a fourth summary report layout.


The report is based upon the TimeItem table. There are two summary fields in that table. The TotaHours summary field creates a total of the Hours field; the HoursFraction summary field creates a fraction of total of the Hours field and it is shown as a percentage in the report layout.


In the sample file, the HoursFraction field, when placed in the Category sub-summary part, shows Hours, by Category, as a percent of the grand total and that's OK with the client. When the HoursFraction field is placed in the Employee sub-summary part, it also shows Hours as a percent of the grand total but the client wants it to show Hours, by Employee, as a percent of the TotalHours in the Category sub-summary part. Can anybody suggest a work-around to accomplish what my client wants?