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Automatically importing a large number of mixed files

Question asked by frimages on Jan 30, 2017
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I have imported an Excel sheet into FMP 15. The fields are labelled with the column headings from the Excel file. The first column/field is a unique record number starting at 00001. At present the last number is 05078 with a few more records being added to the master file each day. The FMP app works fine although some fine tuning to the layout is required.


Each record has a corresponding file (jpeg, doc, docx or PDF) each of which has a file name comprised of letters and numbers. Following the number is a short text description of the contents of the file. For example: ‘chs00001 Old Town Hall pre 1830.jpg’, ‘chs00002 Old Town Hall 1863 sketch.jpg’,’chs00003 Old Town Hall brief history.PDF’. All of the files are held in a legacy Windows directory structure, some 25 master folders and many sub folders.


An added complication is that some files have a – (dash) followed by a number to indicate there are additional files related to the main file e.g. ‘chs00010 Old Fire Station.jpg’ is the main file and ‘chs00010-01 Old Fire Station interior.jpg’ is the additional file. These additional files are listed on a separate sheet in the Excel file. I should add that the Excel sheet does not have a column showing the filename or path.


Thanks to help from philmodjunk and others last year when I was working on a trial version of FM I am able to insert (store as a reference only) jpegs and PDFs manually into a container on a ‘Data entry’ layout which also allows Word docs to be inserted and opened in a temporary folder. However with over 5000 image/document files I need a method of importing the files automatically. I have tried File/Import Folder but it only imports jpegs and does not put them in the correct record. I have attempted to produce scripts/calculations but I’m getting nowhere and I’m hoping that the FileMaker Community might come to my rescue.


Thanks in advance.

Frank – a struggling newbie

FileMaker Pro under Windows 10