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Question asked by cisaac on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by philmodjunk

I'm trying to overwrite the perform find button to actually constrain find based off a field = 1, does anyone know how I can replace the perform find button to a custom button.


More detail:

I have a layout that people in the company work from, they can change statuses, notes, and follow-up dates. I also have a patient table where all the accounts get loaded to and as a worker chooses to work an account they can press a button from the patient table that will flag the account that it's ready to work and who accepted it to work. From there the script will take you to the working layout, which the source table is all accounts. I don't want them to see all accounts only the accounts that have been flagged to be worked plus I want it to find the related record. I seem to have these steps working my concern is if the worker wanted to do a find, then I want that find to always constrain that find to accounts that have been indicated ready to work, which I have a field for this. So that means I will need to replace the perform find to my added constrain find. I hope this make sense...