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    Pushing info between databases?


      I have a programmer utilizing Google Custom Search Engine to run a script through PowerShell that does daily searches for a site I am building.


      The 2 needs:


      (1) When a user on WebDirect creates a record in a specific table ("new project") the information from that record gets sent to either his program in PowerShell, or can communicate with it (maybe through a separate database?)


      (2) When the results come back, the information from those results needs to be pulled into the FMP database and create a record in a specific table ("reports").


      Any advice on how can I do this?

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          I once worked on a db where for security reasons no third party connections were allowed. No Apple Events or similar connections.


          We create a folder for receiving and one for sending data.


          We would look at the receiving folder and see if new files were in it and if so we would import them. These particular files could be blobs, a record with data for many tables that a script would look at the record and determine what tables fields etc to use.


          It was an interesting project where photographs, text, etc from various tables where contained in one text file rather than one text file containing many records from one table.