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FMP PHP API: dropdowns and radio buttons missing on web form

Question asked by charmcello on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by charmcello

I am tasked with troubleshooting a web registration form that queries a Filemaker Pro v12 database via a Filemaker PHP API.


The web form had been running well for a couple of months after major revision, when all of a sudden:

  1. All dropdowns are empty
  2. All radio buttons are missing
  3. These symptoms appear to be browser-independent.


The appearance of these symptoms is mysterious:

  1. Nobody has modified the PHP code for the web form - I've done a compare with a backup done at the time when the web form was not broken and it is identical to what is currently on the server.
  2. The Filemaker Pro layout that the web form is querying is just fine - all the value lists for the dropdowns and radio buttons are present.


I've created a stripped-down version of the web form: and I've also attached the php source code file.


The date and record fields are populating correctly. Notice the empty dropdown list after "Church I attend."


Could this be caused by an incompatibility between the FMP PHP API and PHP libraries on the server? Perhaps due to a PHP update on the server? Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?