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Discussion created by kaotishe on Jan 30, 2017
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I am looking for an easy way to set up a solution for tracking expenses. In the past I have done this with a spread sheet, which meant going to the correct month, scrolling down to the date and then across to the expense column. That worked ok but it was kind of a long process and did not allow for any flexibility when an expense changed half way through the year like if my advertising strategy changed.


What I would like to do is have an "entry page" (for lack of knowing the correct description) where I would enter the date, amount, category, subcategory, and any notes that needed to go with the expense which file make would then store in a CSV or similar file type. Then at the end of the year or as needed a general report could be generated using a script to give a total of expenses by category or if more detail was needed the CSV could be exported in its entirety.


SO where do I start on putting something like this together?