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Container PDF scrolls to bottom - want it to scroll to top

Question asked by justinc on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by justinc

I'm having an odd issue with an interactive container.  When I insert a PDF that has 2-pages in it, everything is fine:  the PDF displays on the layout and it starts out scrolled to the top of the PDF.


However, when I insert a PDF that has only 1-page in it when the layout renders the PDF in the container it is scrolled to the bottom of page 1.  The container/layout isn't large enough to display an entire page all at once, so the user is starting at the wrong end of the document.  And if there are only a very few records the page almost looks blank (the records are scrolled off the top).


It's not a layout scrolling issue - the scroll bar is on the container, not the layout.  See the attached screenshots.

1page PDF in container.png

2page PDF.png


Anyone have ideas on how to force it to scroll to the top of the 1st page?