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    What is the FileMaker code page?


      I need to know what is the FileMaker code page, if it is UTF-8, ASCII, Unicode, or other to export datas from WordPress. Anybody can help me?

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          I suspect, you mean "encoding".


          FileMaker is a database, so you can store the text in different encoding. UTF-8 is a good bet.

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            I've found that using Google Translate that the Filemaker text fields will accept all of the languages and show the characters in that languages characters.


            I think this is because the font itself has the characters for each language in their dedicated numerical locations.


            As a rough explanation of what I see:


            032 -300 English

            301-500 French

            501-700 Spanish


            This is not accurate of course. But the fact is that one field formatted with one font accepts and display translated text nicely in FileMaker adjusting to the characters of the language it was created in.


            The simplest way to answer your question is to try exporting and importing in FileMaker and WordPress. You can even copy and paste with consideration taken to pasting plain text or formatted text.