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    Index Missing & invalid relationships


      Here is the scenario that got me here...


      I had to blow out my server to change the hostname (Mac OS X Server) that runs FileMaker server.  After re-installing FileMaker Server and restoring the data directory that contained the database, I have a layout that shows <Index Missing> instead of the value it contained before the restore. 


      Clicking on one of the fields that shows <Index Missing> gives me the following dialog "This operation cannot be performed because one or more of the relationships between these tables are invalid." 


      Here are the fields:

      Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 5.09.34 PM.png


      It is the Shipment Method and CustomerName fields that indicate the Index Missing and dialog error.  ShipmentMethod is a value list, while the CustomerName as the following relationship...

      Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 5.22.39 PM.png

      Could someone please give me guidance to resolve this issue?

      Thank you,




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          You'd need to tell us more about context.


          If this worked before, might this be a solution that consists of more than one file? If so, you might have a file that is missing or not in the same place that it was relative to the other files as it was before you had to restore everything.


          But looking at you relationship graph, it looks like __kp_JobID needs to be an indexed field judging by the naming convention used and the "connector type" shown in the relationship graph. (A "T" connection shows that the field is not indexed--either defined as not indexed or defined as a global field.) You may need to go in and turn on indexing for that one field.

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            Thank you Philmodjunk!


            Apparently when I was trying to re-build the indexes, I had a difficult time getting the changes to commit while managing the database.  After tinkering with it a bit more, the changes do not commit when I check the validation for unique values.  That is another glitch, but at least I am back up and running for the time being.


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              After tinkering with it a bit more, the changes do not commit when I check the validation for unique values.


              Could it be that you are expecting something that FileMaker doesn't do? Changing a validation option will have no effect on records already present on the table unless/until that record is again edited. The changes will thus only seem to "take" on newly created records.


              But you also cannot validate for unique values on fields that are not indexed--that includes fields with global storage specified.


              And fields of type calculation ignore all validation options as these are not applied to calculation fields.