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PDF Viewer Not Working In Content Management Starter

Question asked by clmallow on Jan 31, 2017

First, let me say I'm really, really new to Filemaker Pro.  I have Filemaker Pro 14 Advanced, and I'm using it on a Mac with OS X El Capitan.  I have basically NO knowledge of the inner workings of databases and how everything comes together to work, hence my reliance on Starters for now.


Now, on to my issue.  When I open the Content Management Starter, I can drag and drop files to the Container area just fine.  I can even see thumbnails of everything in the Thumbnails and Content List layouts.  HOWEVER: in the Content Details layout, I cannot see my PDF files at all.  All I have is a white box with the file name above it - I know the file is there, but I can't actually see it - which renders this pretty useless.  I can right-click and tell it to Reload a hundred times, and nothing changes.  Images view just fine, audio files view just fine, etc. in this container.  I've searched the Forum for the last two hours trying to find out what's going on here, and nothing has really helped me figure out the solution.


It bears mentioning that I do have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro installed on my machine as well, but I can't even get Filemaker to open  a copy of PDF documents with Adobe.  (I read somewhere that people were being advised to double-click on the container in Content Details layout, and it would open a copy of the PDF in Adobe - not so in my case.)


It is critical that I get this Starter to work correctly within the next 24/48 hours in order to utilize the functionality for some clients....


Any help is tremendously appreciated!