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Generating / opening Runtime Solution FM 15

Question asked by larsheise on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by codecruncher

I am trying to build a Runtime solution (Mac FileMaker 15.0.3, Sierra), and it gives me 2 issues. Have done this in the past with FileMaker 12, so I know a little about this.


First issue

When I run the solution om my own computer it works fine - but when I zip it and copy it to another computer I get the message: “The primary file “my_file” cannot be found and is required for this application” Same if I upload it to my website, and downloads it on another computer.


Second issue

When opening the solution it says it is made by an unknown developer.

( I know I can “control-click” open  the solution)


I have read a little about code signing of the Runtime, but as I understand it, this has to do with the second issue - is this correct ?


Regarding First issue. Has it also with code signing to do ?

If not, what am I doing wrong ?


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