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    Scrolling in checkbox



      I have a field with a lot of entries to mark keywords of items.


      It happens that I have a lot of "keywords" entries and it would be great to use it like a checkbox to select one or more "keywords", but it will not fit in one small window.


      In the attached image, it's an example, where it shoud have much more "keywords" visible.


      Is there anyway to use a scroll system? Any other suggestion?


      Thank you very much!

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          You can set up a portal where the check box items are listed in a portal. A button in the portal row can look and function like a check box to select or deselect a value. Since this is a portal, you can give it a scroll bar.


          There are two ways you can manage value selection in such a tool. One method adds/removes values from a list in a field just like a normal field with a check box group. But it often is a better idea to instead add/remove records from a related table.


          Note that Hide Object When is a setting that can be used to make a 'tickmark' appear/disappear to tell the user that a given value has or has not been selected in the list.


          For some working examples of "Check boxes with scroll bars" see this file:

          Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection

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            Thank you very much.

            This could be in fact a possibility.


            But, is there any way to list the items in more than only one column?


            In my case, in terms of information layout would be much more suitable than a list in one column, like it happen in the checkbox option if you extend it's area horizontally.



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              Yes you can use two portals to get two columns.


              Say way you want two portals of 20 rows each. Set up the left portal with initial row 1 number of rows 20. Set up the right portal with initial row 21, number of rows 20.


              You could also set each portal with portal filters such that each column lists a different category of values.

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                Your solution is great.


                But I still have one problem. When I try to perform a "find", I don't have all the list of keywords (they are a lot and don't fit on the avilable space with a checkbox of the "SelectedValues"!!) so users can pick the keywords to find.


                Is there any solution?

                It would really be just simple as the scroll to be implemented on the checkbox option of the File Maker

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                  The scrolling check box control is strictly data entry. You'd have to set up other means for performing a find--such as a popover where you enter or select keywords to build a list in a variable or global field while in Browse mode and then click to perform a script that sets up and performs the find.


                  You'll have to figure out whether you want to find each record that has all of the selected keywords or any of the selected keywords.


                  Such a list can also populate a global field used as a match field to your join table listing the records thus "found" in the portal if the "any" result is what you need.


                  And just last night, I updated this example file with two new topics plus a tool for building SQL queries that don't break when a table or field name is changed. It's the same link, but if interested, you can click it again to get the new file.


                  If you want the "all" result, check out the looping script examples found here:


                  Scripted Find Examples