FM 14 Windows 10 and high resolutions (bug)

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by PeterWindle

I recently had an issue where certain layout parts where not rendering properly on Windows 10 with laptops that had a high resolution setting.


I understand that this is a "known issue" and the computer's resolution settings where adjusted to work around the issue.


HOWEVER, I have also seen similar behaviour in Preview mode. I have tried the usual FM code fixes, screen refreshes and zoom level etc... but the issue is still visible.


Any suggestions/solutions? This applies to FM 14. Not sure what the situation is with 15.


Also, I noticed on the most recent FM 15 update seems to help with the "garbled font" issue on Windows 7, but alas, I have not yet seen the same fix for FM 14...?


Does anyone know if there are fixes and/or workarounds?


Please, don't say upgrade to 15, because the solution is hosted on 14 (via internet) and the host will not allow 15 to connect to 14 hosted files.