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Foreign key do not work

Question asked by on Feb 1, 2017
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My application has a concept of customer, orders and credentials. When order arrive; we may attach any credentials to those them like username and password.


I have an portal which shows all orders. What I want is when user click on that "Pencil button", FileMaker take user to "Credential Tab". On credential tab I have set of field which user may fill like username and password and save the credentials.





The problem is the credentials Tab saves the wrong order foreign key in credential table. For example If i clicked order number "17626" and fill all the credential fields, in the credential table -> OrderID_ _ fk, it will have the order ID of "17624". I think it saves the order ID if first row from portal.


Here is my relationship graph.


What I want is FileMaker to store the correct OrderID against the credential so we know which credential is for which order.


Hope this makes sense.


Many Thanks.