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    Sierra printing / FM11



      could someone maybe advice me. I've got Mac/Filemaker 11.0v4. It's for invoicing only, really, so I'm not keen of buying a new license. Now moved to Sierra (10.12.3), and it seems to work. Only printing to a PS laser fails. The result is


      ERROR: syntaxerror

      OFFENDING COMMAND: --nostringval--




      PDF generation works fine, so I can of course print those, but it's not that practical. Any ideas to make it work would be greatly appreciated.

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          Johan Hedman

          FileMaker 11 is not compatible with Mac OS Sierra.


          I would strongly suggest you get a FileMaker 15 licens and get all the benefits from running the lastest software from FileMaker

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            Thanks for replying. U think it's not going to be stable? It does run in Sierra now for me.


            For no other use than running my (small) database for invoices (in which i've invested countless building hours ), I find the price rather hefty.

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              Johan Hedman

              FileMaker have no support for FileMaker 11 for Mac OS Sierra, so you will run into errors staying on that version of FIleMaker.


              Price is one thing, but then how important is it that you can use your database and get the right result out of it. If you run in to problem and have to take time finding the answer to your problem, you already spent time (what is money) on something that would have worked on FileMaker 15.

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                Thanks for that input!


                Any idea or hunch if FM would be updated any time soon - in other words, do you think there's any point waiting for 16, as I'm going to have to buy the full version anyway. 15 is nearly an year old, isn't it?

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                  Johan Hedman

                  FileMaker will only update the two latest version of FileMaker, meaning FileMaker 14 and 15 to work on Mac OS Sierra, so no luck for you there.


                  FileMaker is on a yearly release cycle. FM15 was release in May last year, so most probably we will have FileMaker 16 on May 2017.

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                    OK, thanks. I will either humble and make an Excel invoice template or get the 16. Then I'd get to keep my dear formulas and visuals.


                    Has it gone any better with the visual design tools in these newer version? With 11, it's irritating to design, to say the least. I do my real work in Indesign and Photoshop mostly.

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                      Johan Hedman

                      Big difference since FM11. Have a look at free FileMaker Training Series to learn more