Solution get's stuck in a script that doesn't show up

Discussion created by justinc on Feb 1, 2017
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FMPA 15.03

OS X 10.11.6


I ran into an issue with my FMPA client where it seemed that the client software was getting stuck with a script running, but there was no visual indication that a script was running.  And it was an interminable condition - waiting didn't help.  I had to manually open/close the script debugger in order to move things along.  During this 'stuck' state the UI didn't respond to clicks, hover conditions didn't work, pop-over didn't close when clicking outside it, etc.


Essentially, I was opening a pop-over, on which there was a script trigger.  It appears that the client was stuck in the middle of this script somehow, and was unresponsive to anything.  Except that I could open the Script Debugger.  Opening that showed now script, but if I then closed the debugger the script would sometimes appear to 'finish' and return the solution/UI back to normal.


Closing the file and restarting FMPA fixed the issue.


I have a video showing the issues; I'd rather not post it publicly, though, as it shows some internal data.  (If an FMI employee would like a copy, send me a message.)  I did make a script of what happens in the video, and it details the various conditions and actions to move through the conditions, in more detail:


(Activity Monitor showing the FileMaker process is visible in the lower right)

    :00 Show some hover effects

    :06 Show windows that are open in FileMaker - use cmd-~ to cycle through them

    :15 show hover effects (again)

    :18  open pop-over: there's an 'onObjectEnter' trigger on the pop-over

    ** Start of 'Stuck-ness'


    :20 Hover effects have stopped working

    :24 There's no 'paused script' in the toolbar

    :26 Hover effects not working

    :31 Open Script debugger - shows a 'Last Error'

        * Debugger controls are non-functional

        * Queue doesn't show anything in it

        * Title bar doesn't show an 'impending' script

    :41 Hover effects are now working again

    :51 Click outside of pop-over to close it

        * Leaving Script debugger open...

    :53 Click on pop-over button again to open it

        * Script debugger shows no script 'impending'

        * 'Last error' displayed in debugger has changed, though

        * Controls in debugger are inactive

        * Toolbar doesn't show any 'paused script'

    1:00    Hover effects have stopped working

        * But Clicking in the Pop-over has caused the Debugger to display the 'impending' script

        * Debugger controls are still non-functional

        * Hover conditions don't work

        * Clicking in the pop-over are doesn't do anything

    1:18 Close the debugger

        * Hover states not working

        * Toolbar doesn't show any 'paused script'

    1:26 Open Debugger again

        * 'Last Error' is different

        * Debugger controls are still non-functional

        * Hover conditions DO work

    1:37 Click on the 'close' button of the pop-over (button has 1-step: close pop-over)

        * Hover condition on the button gets stuck ON

        * Debugger 'Last Error' changed

        * Hover states not working

        * Toolbar doesn't show any 'paused script'

        * Debugger controls are non-functional

    1:51 Close debugger

        * Hover states not working

    1:56 Open Debugger

        * Nothing shown in the debugger as pending...

        * Hover states are working again.


The same 'stuckness' appears to be happening when trying to close a window

    * I had to close/open the debugger multiple times to get things to move along.