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    Solution get's stuck in a script that doesn't show up


      FMPA 15.03

      OS X 10.11.6


      I ran into an issue with my FMPA client where it seemed that the client software was getting stuck with a script running, but there was no visual indication that a script was running.  And it was an interminable condition - waiting didn't help.  I had to manually open/close the script debugger in order to move things along.  During this 'stuck' state the UI didn't respond to clicks, hover conditions didn't work, pop-over didn't close when clicking outside it, etc.


      Essentially, I was opening a pop-over, on which there was a script trigger.  It appears that the client was stuck in the middle of this script somehow, and was unresponsive to anything.  Except that I could open the Script Debugger.  Opening that showed now script, but if I then closed the debugger the script would sometimes appear to 'finish' and return the solution/UI back to normal.


      Closing the file and restarting FMPA fixed the issue.


      I have a video showing the issues; I'd rather not post it publicly, though, as it shows some internal data.  (If an FMI employee would like a copy, send me a message.)  I did make a script of what happens in the video, and it details the various conditions and actions to move through the conditions, in more detail:


      (Activity Monitor showing the FileMaker process is visible in the lower right)

          :00 Show some hover effects

          :06 Show windows that are open in FileMaker - use cmd-~ to cycle through them

          :15 show hover effects (again)

          :18  open pop-over: there's an 'onObjectEnter' trigger on the pop-over

          ** Start of 'Stuck-ness'


          :20 Hover effects have stopped working

          :24 There's no 'paused script' in the toolbar

          :26 Hover effects not working

          :31 Open Script debugger - shows a 'Last Error'

              * Debugger controls are non-functional

              * Queue doesn't show anything in it

              * Title bar doesn't show an 'impending' script

          :41 Hover effects are now working again

          :51 Click outside of pop-over to close it

              * Leaving Script debugger open...

          :53 Click on pop-over button again to open it

              * Script debugger shows no script 'impending'

              * 'Last error' displayed in debugger has changed, though

              * Controls in debugger are inactive

              * Toolbar doesn't show any 'paused script'

          1:00    Hover effects have stopped working

              * But Clicking in the Pop-over has caused the Debugger to display the 'impending' script

              * Debugger controls are still non-functional

              * Hover conditions don't work

              * Clicking in the pop-over are doesn't do anything

          1:18 Close the debugger

              * Hover states not working

              * Toolbar doesn't show any 'paused script'

          1:26 Open Debugger again

              * 'Last Error' is different

              * Debugger controls are still non-functional

              * Hover conditions DO work

          1:37 Click on the 'close' button of the pop-over (button has 1-step: close pop-over)

              * Hover condition on the button gets stuck ON

              * Debugger 'Last Error' changed

              * Hover states not working

              * Toolbar doesn't show any 'paused script'

              * Debugger controls are non-functional

          1:51 Close debugger

              * Hover states not working

          1:56 Open Debugger

              * Nothing shown in the debugger as pending...

              * Hover states are working again.


      The same 'stuckness' appears to be happening when trying to close a window

          * I had to close/open the debugger multiple times to get things to move along.


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          I'll be happy to look at the video, although it may be difficult to determine the cause without physically examining the solution.  Regardless, send the link to me via private messaging.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            A few more tidbits of info:  other applications that were open.





            Inspector Pro 6 (an FM runtime)


            Messages (Apple)

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              This issue happened to me again today:  my UI stopped responding to hovers, opening a pop-over would cause the whole UI to freeze until I opened/closed the Debugger, no script was showing up anywhere as being paused or getting activated.


              This time around there appeared to be some slight differences:  when I was in layout mode I was noticing odd behaviors are well - dimensions of objects clicked on wouldn't be accurate (obviously things, like an object that was 300pt wide would be reported as 66pt wide).


              Pretty much the same environment as before: OS X 10.11.6, FMPA 15.03; this time I have Slack running.  Plugins are BE Plugin and Qwire Plugin.  I have NOT restarted FM since I messaged earlier about sub-summary/body records failing to render correctly.


              The FileMaker application is consuming 1,006MB of memory (non-compressed).

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                A couple of more oddities this time around:  It was not restricted to the one file where I first noticed the problem (which was the same file I was working on when I first reported this issue).  I closed the originally offending file ( a hosted solution) and was closing my other local files I had open.  They too exhibited the issue where the UI would appear to get locked up and fail to respond to button clicks.  My OS would just beep at me.  I could hit escape-key and it would work itself out, i.e. allow me to try and click something else.


                It really seems like it is getting stuck at the point before it finally calls a script.  In my local file I have a button that calls a script.  I could press the button and the 'pressed' state would stay active - but it was locked up.  I could open the debugger and there was nothing there.  There was no 'script paused' indicator in the toolbar.  But as soon as I hit 'escape' the script call from the button showed up in the Debugger stack.


                But even once it showed up in the stack, the Debugger controls wouldn't work:  I could hit play, or step into things and it wouldn't do anything.  Some controls would gray out, but that's it.  I could hit escape again to close the debugger, but that wouldn't get the script to run through, either - I could open debugger again and it would be stuck in the same script stack.


                This locked up condition affects the OS UI widgets as well - I can't expand/collapse/close the FM window.


                Here is a video (~2min) and copy my local file; but it seems a bit pointless - I can't provide you with our custom plugin (not that it was being actively used in any of these scripts or processes, but it could still have an effect).  And after restarting FM things were working fine again.  It doesn't make your job easier.  For what it's worth, in the video when I'm moving the mouse between the fields I am also clicking on the fields - but nothing is happening (I do get a 'beep' from the OS).  And if something changes suddenly it's because I hit the escape key.  Near the end I tried to show how the OS window-widgets would also get locked out, but they worked fine in this instance. 


                Dropbox - ScriptGetsLocked_WithoutIndication.mov

                Dropbox - Time Logging Clone for ScriptLock investigation.fmp12

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                  Thank you for the movie file and database file.  I watched the movie, but I am unable to replicate the issue on my machine.  I have uploaded your database file to FileMaker Server 15.0.3, and I have opened it with FileMaker Pro 15.0.3.  I will leave your file open for the remainder of the day and periodically attempt to replicate.


                  I received your other email with the movie.  I will need some specific steps to take so I can try to reproduce the issue.



                  FileMaker, Inc.