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Is this data "graph-able" in FMP without a plug-in like xm-chart?

Question asked by fmpdude on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by bertrand

I have some user error data that comes from a query.


All the data is dynamic so I can't create static x and y-axis labels. The labels would need also need to come from a query.


I've played around with this, and gotten most of it working, but can't get the complete display I want.  I was thinking I would use a bar graph where each x-axis value would be a year (thus, the year would repeat). You would then have the error data values, like "100", but also decorate the bar data value with the user's name, too.


I've tried to create a second series with just the user name, but that doesn't show up.


The sample graph below is as close as I can currently get in FMP, but I don't see a way to include the user's name anywhere. Since I have no way to know who the user is for each of the error values below, without out the user's name, the graph is almost useless.


No control over the "show data" to possibly show other things (like the user name in this case) checkbox beyond the "Show data points on chart".



Hopefully, I wouldn't need to buy a third-party plug-in and need to spend time learning their scripting for something seemingly simple like this.


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Year, ErrorCount, User