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Preventing Duplicates within a project number - set of records

Question asked by LoriE on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by philmodjunk


  The  following was  posted in a previous post on “Preventing
Duplicate Entry”:


Duplicate Entry

Define a text field and set it as Auto-Enter -> Calculated value then
specify this calculation:

NameLast & NameFirst & EmailAddress

Uncheck "Do not replace existing value..."

Then on the Validation Tab, tick the Unique checkbox.

This will prevent you from having a record with the same Last Name,
First Name, and Email Address.


I am trying to emulate the calculation to include a project number......


I have a field with the following calculation:


Action # = Left (Discipline ; 3)  &
"."  & Item #      which returns a result of  Arc.01 if the Disipline is Architectural and
the Item # is 01

I want to  prevent duplicate numbers in this field. But this field could be the same in another
project.   I want no duplicate action # within a given project   set of records. As you can see the project number is 0000 (my test project) and

the disciplines each start at 01. So another project could have these same Action #s but a different project number.