Import Script Step Requests Password - File Already Open

Discussion created by marksnyder on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2017 by JackRodges

After upgrading FileMaker Server from v13 to v15 I have one bug.


All scripts with an import script step are intermittently requesting a password to open the database when the import script step is reached in the script. It might happen almost every time the script is run or one out of five or more times.



All scripts are importing from tables in the Priority Express database to tables within the Priority Express database. No other databases are involved.


It happens with all users on all computers (Mac and PC).  But, it seems to only happen with users on the LAN. I've yet to see it happen remotely on the WAN.


This started immediately after upgrading to FileMaker Server v15.


FileMaker Server is running on a Mac Mini with macOS Sierra 10.12.3 and FMS Users are on an ethernet network using FileMaker Pro Most are using Macs with Sierra 10.12.3. A PC running Windows 10 also has the same problem.


The server upgrade consisted of a brand new SSD drive in the Mac Mini with a clean install of macOS Sierra followed by a clean install of FileMaker Server.


The Databases folder from the old hard drive running FileMaker Server v13 was copied into the Library/FileMaker Server/Data folder and the permissions of the Databases folder were updated to match those of the Data folder.


The file path stored for each import script step is file:Priority Express.



I've tried replacing the file path by looking it up again. Tried deleting the script step and recreating it. Tried adding a local file path by IP Address.



The local file path change seemed to help a little. The users got the open dialog less often but it still happens intermittently.