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Import a Default Template Table

Question asked by JackRodges on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by JackRodges

If you don't have FIleMaker Advanced, you can't duplicate a table or copy and paste fields. But you did save a hundred or two...


First, the template table. I named mine _Default_Table so it sorts at the top but you can name it whatever you like.


Mine looks like this and everybody has their own pet names and fields. I am open to suggestion for more fields if anyone has one to share.


Default Table Defs.PNG


Since these fields are used in every table, it sames time if I don't have to retype them. So, I have created a script that imports this default table as many times as I want creating copies of the table that I only need to rename.


Import Default Table.PNG


First do an import of your default table and then when addting the script step, select it, etc. Or you can select it during the import step. I would not make this step available to the public and I would put it in a folder DELETE THIS FOLDER BEFORE DEPLOYING THIS FILE and do just that. Best to keep nasty scripts away from public...


Any suggestions for additional fields for the template table?