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Can a server scheduled filemaker script run a subscript in a file on another fms server?

Question asked by kiwikaty on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by JackRodges

Fms logs showing error 100 (file not found) when performing subscript within a script when it is running as a scheduled fms script. I am sure I have hit this before.


Can someone confirm for me if when you are running your solution across multiple fms servers if a server run script can perform subscripts in files on another fms server? File ref is using FQDN for file hosted on another sever.


I am trying to move data from file on server that is capturing information using CWP (using script parameter - not import/export) to another fms prod server. Script is very simple... find unmoved data and loop through set putting data into a paramater, then run script in other file to extract data from param and then so on... Works fine in client but I need it to run every 30 minutes so want to set it as a scheduled task on server collecting the web data.


Filemaker help notes do not say that you cannot run subscripts on files hosted on another server when you are running a scheduled script but I think this is the reason for my error 100 since the scripts runs ok in client?


Many thanks.