Web Direct Speed Requirement

Discussion created by thehalpeen on Feb 2, 2017
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At the end of this discussion is a screenshot from the Filemaker website regarding WebDirect. It provides information on browsers, but nothing on other technical data, ie speed, security.


I have searched the internet on 'Web Direct - technical requirements', but I'm not getting far.


It appears there are 3 major hosting companies (apart from the new Amazon service - not available in Europe) -, PointinSpace and fmphost. I was looking for an UK based one, but some of these providers have servers in the UK.


My main concern is

  • security,
  • support,
  • recovery plan,
  • what happens to files if you switch provider to another hosting provider and
  • speed

In relation to speed, hosting providers talk about bandwidth, data transfer, etc


What I know/understand.

My broadband provider is Virgin Media

My current upload speed is around 90mbps and download is  speeds of 24mbps - but I'm changing to their 360MB package.



What do I need to know from my Filemaker hosting company with respect to speed or what should I be asking them?


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