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    Web Direct Speed Requirement


      At the end of this discussion is a screenshot from the Filemaker website regarding WebDirect. It provides information on browsers, but nothing on other technical data, ie speed, security.


      I have searched the internet on 'Web Direct - technical requirements', but I'm not getting far.


      It appears there are 3 major hosting companies (apart from the new Amazon service - not available in Europe) - Triple8.net, PointinSpace and fmphost. I was looking for an UK based one, but some of these providers have servers in the UK.


      My main concern is

      • security,
      • support,
      • recovery plan,
      • what happens to files if you switch provider to another hosting provider and
      • speed

      In relation to speed, hosting providers talk about bandwidth, data transfer, etc


      What I know/understand.

      My broadband provider is Virgin Media

      My current upload speed is around 90mbps and download is  speeds of 24mbps - but I'm changing to their 360MB package.



      What do I need to know from my Filemaker hosting company with respect to speed or what should I be asking them?


      Extract from Filemaker.com


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          "speed" may rely greatly on your understanding of web publishing (how the web servers work with the files) and optimizing your layouts and scripts for most efficient web publishing. I work with CWP and IWP (previous versions) and now Web Direct. My mantra

          less is more

          is important when trying to use Web Direct. Do NOT expect to do absolutely everything you can with client-server and don't expect what you do with WD to be as fast (sometimes). remember that you are also dealing with the distance to serve the information (WAN vs LAN).


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            How your solution performs speed-wise is more a factor of its design than of the available bandwidth.


            When it comes to pure bandwidth: the more the better, but latency between the host and your users is just as - if not more - important.  You have very little control over that nor do you have control over the internet speed at your user.


            Which brings us back to what you can control: the design of your solution.  When you design and test, use tools like a network throttle to test how it behaves at different bandwidths and tweak accordingly.


            Because the speed experience is so dependent on the design, FMI or the hosting providers can't really promise anything in this area.  Good bandwidth and low latency can not cure bad design.

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              Beverly and Wim,


              Thanks for your reply.


              I shouldn't have narrowed my question to WebDirect - it should have been a question about hosting speeds. From research on the internet, I'm aware of the limitations of WebDirect and the the slower sppeds when dealing with any file hosted in the cloud versus locally. Calculations, portal can slow down any file - so as Beverly say 'less is more'.


              What I'm looking for is the questions I should ask a Filemaker Hosting provider concerning speed. All things being-equal, if I supply them with an file, what should they be offering me to make sure there is not too much lag?

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                Nothing really, unless you go with an obscure hosting provider.  These guys are in the business of providing fast access to what they host.


                The connection from the client is a more deciding factor, not the one from the hosting provider.

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                  Well, look! you've answered your question.

                  any situation (WD, FMGo, FMPro) that looks to a remote FMS, will need to be optimized, of course!


                  The hosting providers with experience, yes, may be able to give you a ball-park based on other people who may have hosted with them.


                  I limit calculations and summaries by scripted Set Field as much as possible. I also trim the fat (interface elements) as needed for this kind of situation (remote vs. local FMS).



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                    Wim and Beverly,


                    Thanks. I was looking for a little bit more direction as to some key features I should be looking for from a hosting company.


                    I guess I should be asking questions about:

                    • Bandwidth
                    • Data Transfer
                    • Processors
                    • Type of Hard Disk
                    • Space offered


                    Do you think, am I missing anything?

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                      Yes, and your end of the pipe can also be a factor. Tell them of your needs and ask for what they think makes for the best speed/most efficient long-distance serving.