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Sharing script across different files

Question asked by sivagurS on Feb 1, 2017
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I have a multi database file system for FM Go, where the user has a Local File in FM Go,

When they open this Local File, it tries to look for connection to the FM Server and if connection available, opens a Hosted file Main.

This Main File authenticates user to the system and displays a list of icons to different other hosted FM Database files, Say A, B and C

this system is developed as we go, so features and requirements keeps adding up.


Now I realized that the Files A, B, C share a lot of modules with slightly different changes.

For example,each of these files have a script called GetValues that gets values from the same table,only that the fields they get are varied.


My question is would it be more efficient if I keep a single script GetValues in Main file and then call this script from the files A, B and C with different parameters. Or is the effieciency the same with the scripts in each file.


I have a few scripts that can be shared across files, so keeping them in one file seems like a better option.

Would like to get some confirmation from experts.


Also, similar to the scripts the table that I try to access is also located in each of the three files A, B and C.

I have ESS tables in Main File and then getting reference of this Main File table in the three sub files. Is that a good way to do it.. or any other alternatives.