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How to change one field based on modification of another field(FMP15)

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Feb 2, 2017
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I am new to FMP scripting and am finding I need some help.


I am trying to figure out how to set a field's modification to force another layout object to change. To be more specific- we have a repeating field (edit box) where we itemize our clientele's orders- with Quantity, description, unit price and amount. We have a radio checklist on the side that notes where we are in the order process at all times (Not Prep'd, In Process, Completed, Edit!, Loaded and Return.). I am trying to figure out how to force the radio checklist to go right to "Edit!" when Quantity and/or description is modified.  This is needed because the folks in the office are in charge of the items that appear on the order, and the guys in the warehouse are the ones putting the order together. Sometimes we forget to manually select "EDIT!" after making a change- which can muck up the entire order process and sometimes result in equipment being left off trucks etc.

So if we could force FMP to recognize a change and set the file to auto-edit, we'd be better off.


Ive had terrible luck thus far. OnObjectModify doesn't seem to help (or I'm not using it correctly) because it wants to apply a change to all the records, and presently it seems to think that an empty field receiving content is a modification. I need to be able to enter data normally, and have FMP respond only when said data changes.


Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance. I can't wait to better understand scripting for FMP it's so hard!