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Printing edit box with various amount of text

Question asked by Michiel on Feb 2, 2017
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Dear all,


I have made a lay-out specially for printing and export to PDF. The print/pdf have to show only a few fields:

- Date

- Employee

- Customer

- Ticket


The ticket field is just an edit box where employees make notes (text) about a customer.

Sometimes this will be only 2 lines of text, but sometimes this will be 40 lines of text.

I placed the ticket field in the body part of the lay out.


By making the body part very long, let's say 5 pages, there is enough space for the ticket field. However when there is only 2 lines of text, the print/PDF will always be 5 pages (4 empty pages).

When adjust the size of the body part to 1 page, there will be too little space for larger amount of text in the ticket field and the print/pdf will only show 1 page (and not all of the text).


Any suggestions how I can solve this problem?

Many thanks in advance!