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    Printing edit box with various amount of text


      Dear all,


      I have made a lay-out specially for printing and export to PDF. The print/pdf have to show only a few fields:

      - Date

      - Employee

      - Customer

      - Ticket


      The ticket field is just an edit box where employees make notes (text) about a customer.

      Sometimes this will be only 2 lines of text, but sometimes this will be 40 lines of text.

      I placed the ticket field in the body part of the lay out.


      By making the body part very long, let's say 5 pages, there is enough space for the ticket field. However when there is only 2 lines of text, the print/PDF will always be 5 pages (4 empty pages).

      When adjust the size of the body part to 1 page, there will be too little space for larger amount of text in the ticket field and the print/pdf will only show 1 page (and not all of the text).


      Any suggestions how I can solve this problem?

      Many thanks in advance!

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          To answer the immediate problem, Use the inspector to set this field to "slide up" and to "resize the enclosing part". Any layout objects in the same layout part that are located below this field--even graphic objects like a horizontal line also need to be set to do this. This will only change what you see when you print/pdf/preview the layout.


          And for a better approach all together, get rid of that text field! Replace it with a related table where each comment supplied makes a different record in that table. Use a portal for data entry purposes. This then offers a number of better options for you: The entries can be automatically date and time stamped. They can be searched and sorted as individual entries and, most important, you have more flexible options available to you for printing:


          When yo have a single portal to a related table of records, you can create a print layout based on the portal's table yet include fields from the parent record in a header, footer, sub summary or grand summary part for printing from a list view of the layout. The space needed for varying numbers of records will automatically adjust--though you might still need to use sliding if one of the related record fields might still need variable space. This option also allows you to omit some of the related records if you find that desirable as you can use a find or constrain to drop out records not needed in the report where your single text field is an all or nothing proposition.

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            Thank you very much for your solution philmodjunk!

            The adjustments with the inspector options did the trick, it just works great.

            I agree your second option is a better way, but in this specific table it's hard to get that done. It's some special field.


            Thanks again for your help!