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Web viewer behavior in a portal popover

Question asked by neufere on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by neufere

I am using FM 15 Pro Advanced v


In a portal showing records from the "Task" table, I have a popover in which I am displaying fields from the selected portal record. All Task fields display appropriately until I use one of the fields ("Documentation", a field containing HTML) to display as data/html in a web viewer. Actual code for the web viewer is below.


When I initially click on any of the portal's popover buttons, the web viewer always displays the HTML from the Documentation field of the FIRST record in the Task table (which isn't even displayed in the portal). If I move the web viewer out of the popover (and out of the portal), it behaves in exactly the same fashion, which makes sense. So it may be that web viewers are oblivious to their context. If so, it's a shame! Any thoughts?


I tried a reload, but the web viewer just goes blank, which it always appears to do with my data/html displays. Any thoughts on that, as well?


"data:text/html," &




<body>" &


& "</body>