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    Help with a Double Sided, Multi-Page Report


      Hello filemakers!


      I'm stuck. I've scoured the internet for help but I've so far have come up empty handed. I'm hoping that the good people of the FileMaker community can offer some much needed guidance.


      I am trying to create a 7 page report, one page for each day of the week, and I want each day to print on it's own separate piece of paper. Some days will  have enough data to span both the front and back of the page, while others will only have enough data for the front.


      The problem I am having is, because the amount of data is variable and each day can end up being one or two pages, I can't get each day to start on its own page. For instance, currently Saturday and Sunday both only have enough data for a single page, and because of this Sunday prints on the back of the Saturday page. I don't know how to programmatically test to see if I need a page break, and then add a one if I do.


      The other problem is that sections that start on the front and go to the back are missing any kind of header information. Each section has unique field names, so placing this information in the header doesn't work for me. I need a way to reprint the section at the start of the second page, or prevent a section to span multiple pages. My current workaround is to place a copy of the field names in the header as well. I grouped them, named the group, and then have it auto hide on odd pages. This works fine, until I get to the end of the document where Saturday and Sunday are on two sides of the same page, resulting in double headers on Sunday.


      The break fields I'm using for sorting are: DAY, TYPE, and ITEM.


      The layout parts I have set up are:


      1. Header
      2. Sub-summary when sorted by TYPE (leading)
      3. Body
      4. Sub-summary when sorted by  TYPE (trailing)
      5. Sub-summary when sorted by DAY (trailing) with a page break after each 1 occurrence.
      6. Footer.


      My report and tables are  a lot more complicated than this, but I thought it best to keep it simple for this discussion.


      Thank you in advance for the help!



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          Simple probably won't cut it here. You may have to find and print each day as a separate print job.


          Do you use fields that slide up and resize?


          If not, it may be possible to calculate where a page break will fall, though sub summary parts can complicate the process. You may also be able to use both a title header and a header to get different info at the top of the first and second pages.

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            As Phil says, print each day separately.


            I'd consider appending to a pdf then opening that for printing. Each "day" will need to be 2 pages, if double printed.

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              Bummer, but okay! Thanks for the help!

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                Not sure why that would be so bad. A looping script that found And printed one day at a time before finding and printing the next day's report would produce exactly what you need.

                Or do you need to reload the paper before printing the other side? If so, there's a way to get the needed blank pages.

                Use Save as PDF with the append option as specified. Alter your layout by adding a blank trailing grand summary large enough that all your one page reports are now two pages. This will make your two page reports 3 pages long, but when you do the save, specify only pages 1 and 2 for each PDF.

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                  It's not so bad, it's just a little inelegant. Ideally, we should all able to preview a document exactly the way we want it printed, and not have to resort to hacks that rely on AppleScript or the peculiars of the MacOS X printing system.


                  It seems almost like an oversight on FileMaker's part that we can't place page breaks *before* layout parts the way we can after them. It's so simple, but would make reporting in FileMaker both so much easier to use and a lot more powerful.


                  At the end of the day, though, I'm just stoked I have a working solution, so thank you again for the suggestions! They worked perfectly.