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Changing data from uppercase to titlecase

Question asked by lylacinc on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by lylacinc

Does TextStyleRemove, TextStyleAdd actually change the case of the data entered, or just the appearance in the database?


I have a client who has been entering in data in uppercase for about 10 years.  The last year however, some have been entering in uppercase and others using titlecase.  (The fields in the layout are formatted to display in uppercase, so they didn't realize how it was being entered).


I tried using TextRemoveStyle, TextAddStyle to reformat the data in the field, but when we export, it reverts to the original format.   I have checked off  apply current layout's format but that doesn't seem to work.


What am I doing wrong?   I am willing to export all the records and reformat in an another program reimport it in.  Does anybody have any suggestions regarding a program that would help me easily convert from Uppercase to Titlecase.


Thanks for any suggestions!