Multi-find/search to extend found set

Discussion created by thehalpeen on Feb 3, 2017
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I’m not sure how to set this up in a script or what technique to use.


I’d like to search for a customer and then say via a ‘button’ add to the search request. I’m not talking about your normal way – enter Find Mode – then type search criteria – then add New ( to add another search request).


My requirement/wish is to type into a search box – then find those records, then add to the search by clicking ‘Add’ button – type in another criteria and this would add to my found set – is this possible?


I have inserted screenshots two layouts – one is a portal layout and the other is the actual layout based on the contacts table. The reason – again, I’m not sure which layout to use to do this.


I’ve also attached the file.

Portal multi search.PNG

contact Table multi search.PNG