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FMS on OSX - I can change the owner but not the group

Question asked by smith7180 on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by mcrip

I'm setting up a copy of FileMaker Server 15.3 on OSX for the first time (macOS 10.12.2).  As instructed by filemaker (Setting OS level permission via Terminal on OS X | FileMaker ) I have taken the following two steps:


sudo chown -R FMServer /<Path to file or folder>/


sudo chgrp fmsadmin /<Path to file or folder>/


As the instructions state, I check whether the commands were succesful by going to the "Get Info" for the fmp12 file.  The owner is indeed "fmserver".  However, I cannot get fmsadmin to show up as the group.  The Server sample file has the correct permissions (fmserver and fmsadmin). 


Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks.