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    Capatalize First Letter of Every Word


      I have a full name field and i was curious if its possible to capitalize the letter of every word in that field automatically. I'm so tired of people typing in peoples names in all lower case. Thanks for your help.

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            Or you can select the field and specify "title case".


            But either methods creates new problems. Some names don't just capitalize the first letter. You get names like McDonald, to show one example. Proper in an auto enter calculaction or "title case" set for the field on the layout will turn that into Mcdonald.


            What I would do is this auto enter calculation:


            Let ( N = TextFormatRemove ( Self ) ;

                    If ( Exact ( N ; Upper ( N ) or Exact ( N ; Lower ( N ) ;

                         Proper ( N ) ;


                        ) // If

                    ) // Let


            clear the "do not replace..." check box

            This will not provide perfect capitalization but would limit title case to only when the user enters either all upper case or all lower case. If the user capitalizes part of the name the calc assumes that it is correct.