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    Searching with dates and donations


      I have purchased a solution and it is working just fine, but I have to search with diferent parameters and I can't figure out how to effectively. For instance, I have to search records for donations given in 2014 but not in 2015 or 2016. Or given in 2014 and 2015 but not in 2016. How do I go about this?

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          And which crystal ball do I use to determine how your solution is designed?


          In general, may not work in your solution but will in most, you can enter find mode, type in just the year into the date field (if you have a date field and it's of type date, not text) and perform a find to get all records dated with a date from that year.

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            I am not sure how to show you my solution, but I tried this already and it will give me the date of that donation year but shows me all other donations made by that contact as well. What I want to search for is ONLY given in one year but not the other years since that year.

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              Don't you have the crystalball plug-in?  Snarky

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                Are you searching in a portal, perhaps?  Just a guess.  Maybe take a screen shot of the layout on which you are performing the find and attach it here.

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                  yep you have a portal. A find, finds records in the layout's table, not the portal. If you specify criteria in the portal fields, you get all donors that have at least one donation in the specified year. But now that the records are found, the portal shows all related records for each donor regardless of the year. This is how it's supposed to work.


                  Option 1: Switch to a layout based on donations and search there. This is the simplest approach.

                  Option 2: Combine the find with a portal filter that allows you to specify a year to filter the donations to only donations for a given year.

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                    As I suspected.  It looks like you are searching on a portal based on a donations table from the context of a layout based on contacts.  If you search the date field in that box, say for 2016, you will get any CONTACT that has at least one donation in 2016.  In order to search for only a given Contact with donations in a given year, you will need to search on a layout based on the DONATIONS table.

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                      yes I tried that as well, but then I am even more restricted, here are the screenshots in order and the last one gives me only the option of the dates, but that does mean it will show me the records that had ONLY 2014 donations or records that had A 2014 donation?

                      I am sorry if I am not making myself clear. It doesn't help me to find records that have 2014 AND 2015 or 2016, I need to find those that have only one year and not others Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 1.22.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-02 at 1.22.17 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-02 at 1.22.26 PM.png

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                        First, you are using a scripted find to prepare a report.  (Whatever your developer designed).


                        Can you show one more screen shot of the results of that find?


                        First thing to try is doing a native filemaker find on the donations table.


                        Enter Find mode by clicking the Find icon in the tool bar (if it's not closed and locked for you) or typing CMD-F (Mac) or CTRL-F (Windows). 


                        In the date field, type your date range (eg 2/1/2017...2/28/2017) and click perform find or hit the ENTER key (the one on the numeric keypad, not RETURN).


                        See what the results are there.

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                          I can but it has names and addresses in it, ugh I can't..... it is basically a list with name, address and then the data of donation and the amount.




                          Wilma Flintstone blah way Stoneville...

                          3/4/2014 = $500


                          does that help? Sorry

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                            If you bought a solution that does not do what you really need, the best thing to do is to contact the developer.

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                              So, it looks like the script which I assume runs when you click the "Donations Report" button is designed to show you information in a way different than what you need in this instance.  (Hard to say for sure without going under the hood a bit).


                              What happens when you do the manual (non-scripted native Filemaker search) I described above?  Does the List view display what you want then?


                              Forgot to mention above:


                              If you want a date range AND a contact in your search, enter the contact name in the "Contact" field, as well as the date range in the date field.  That should give you the results you need.

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                                I did go back to the developer here is his answer:

                                "That’s going to be an impossible find to create. Databases can only search for records that exist, not record that don’t exist.I might be able to construct a solution for you but it will require extra paid time. Thanks for your understanding."


                                I understand that I paid for a solution and I got what I got, and unfortunately I am so very limited in FM to write a script... could you write a script?????


                                I guess I can always search for all donations from 2014-2017, export to excel spreadsheet and delete the records that had donations in 2015 - 2017, but I thought there would be a way to get this done within filemaker.... soooo frustrated right about now.

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                                  Sounds like your developer didn't understand your problem, as you are not searching for data that doesn't exist.


                                  Did you try the manual find method yet?


                                  Could I write a script?  Yes.  But first try to do the manual find and see if you get the desired results.


                                  And heaven's no!  No need to export to Excel!  Filemaker can easily do this for you.  The issue you are having (based on what I can see without looking at your actual file) is that the scripted report generator is designed to give you different information than what you actually need here.  So if the manual find gets you what you want, then yes, a script to do that automatically in the future is no problem.

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