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      I would some help on activating the two buttons shown on my attached file.

      My file is based on 163 records which are made up of 4 paragraphs with each paragraph having few lines and each line having few words. Each word is stored as a separate record in the file.

      I want the "next line" button to be able to take me straight to next line of the same paragraph.

      Similarly, I want the "Next Paragraph" button to take to the next paragraph.

      Any help will be much appreciated.

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          Here is your file back with two scripts and do as you your needs (added my initials to the file name). Though your file does not show how the data is imported / added as records, I would probably do it differently. Something like an entire paragraph text as a record in one field in one table. A second table auto parsing the paragraph into words as records.

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            Hi rouelf,

            Thank you for the response. Both your scripts are great and work well for me.

            Very helpful.

            Appreciate it.

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              I want to find out if a file can be re-opened showing the record which was the last record viewed before the file was closed? !

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                Don’t know what version of FM you are running (am using FMA 15), added a Button Bar for Next / Previous Word. If that is problematic, delete it.


                Here is your file back:

                1. Added a new field.

                2. Added a new script.

                3. Set script trigger to run new script. Under Menu “File”, - “File Options ..” - “Script Triggers”.

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                  Thanks for the details. you have mentioned  "Here is your file back"but I can't see the file anywhere.

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                    I see it attached above, you don't ?

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                      Attachments will not be visible when using email to reply. Use a web browser.

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                        Thanks Phil,

                        Forgot to mention to mm2017, to go to the FM Discussions Forum.

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                          Thanks Phil

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                            Thanks Rouelf. Found it now

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                              mm207, you have asked by directly emailing me, twice; for assistance do / stay within the FM Discussions Forum.


                              You ask?


                              In my file, how can I add a button, which when clicked will ask user to enter para, line and word number the user wants to view and take him there?


                              Are you trying to learn to how to do stuff with FM ?  Are you using the Help menu ? Are you studying how things are done with the starter solutions ? Do you use the search in this forum for examples and / or how to do stuff ??


                              In your file, you only one layout:


                              1) Enter “Edit Layout”

                              2) Under “Insert” menu, choose button. then type a name for the button.

                              3) Move button to desired location, format as desired with the inspector.

                              4) In the “Script” menu, select “Script Workplace”.

                              5) Create a new script, under Script menu, select New Script

                              6) Give the script a desired name.

                              7) …..

                              8) …..

                              9) Assign script to button by: Double click button, select action: Perform Script, select the script.


                              This should get you on your way to do what you need / want to do.

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                                Hopefully you have tried to implement / solve how to accomplish a solution to your needs.



                                In my file, how can I add a button, which when clicked will ask user to enter para, line and word number the user wants to view and take him there?


                                There are probably several ways to accomplish this, the attach file has an approach based on Conditional Value Lists. This may or not serve your purpose.

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                                  Hi Rouelf,

                                  Apologies for approaching you directly. I was not getting any replies on the initial enquiry except from philmfdjunk, hence approached in such a way.

                                  Thanks for the file. It is really nice of you to help me out with all the scripts. I have been on the forum all day today searching through and trying to figure out how the scripts works.

                                  Will get there in the end, hopefully.

                                  Thanks once again

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                                    No problems, the advantage of staying within the Discussion Forum, is that many people, some more experts that myself, may see and contribute more clever approaches.


                                    Here is a slightly different way to navigate through the data.