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Remove fonts from menu

Question asked by ProdMan on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by ProdMan

I have FM Pro on Windows 10. According to what I'm seeing both on the Web and in FM discussions, there's supposed to be a "configure/more fonts" option at the top of the format /fonts menu. It isn't there. The problem is that FM lists every single font available in my system by typeface, so the list is huge; I want to restrict the number of fonts FM has access to. Any help?


The secondary result of this problem is that the font list is so long that it extends past the bottom of the screen, removing the "down" or scroll arrow, so there's no way to scroll down through the fonts. The only font menu which now functions the way it should is the one in the "Format" menu; both the layout font menu and the tools font menu are useless because they won't scroll (due to lack of arrow).


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