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    entering data into portal




      I've created a relationship between a 'customers' and 'contacts' table and have 'allowed for the creation and deletion of records via this relationship'. however when `i create a portal from the related table 'contacts' I am still unable to enter data? I am unsure how to rectify this and have created other portals with no issues before.

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          Are any of the keys in the relationship based on calculations?


          Did you try re-adding fields to the portal to make sure they are within the boundary of the portal row?


          Double check and make sure the fields and portal are not based on a table occurrence that is different than the one you setup.


          Make sure filtering is unchecked.


          Double check the layout to make sure that it's based on "customers" so you have proper relational context to the portal.

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            The possible causes could be with how you set up the portal on your layout. I'd first confirm that both layout and portal are based on the correct table occurrences. If you do not see a blank "add row" in the portal, then either you have one of these wrong or you did not specify the "create" optio correctly.


            If the inspector were used to block browse mode access to the fields in the portal, this would also prevent adding portal records.

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              Hi Mike,

              Thanks for your response!

              I'm pretty sure I've addressed those things...

              To further clarify in case this is the issue, I've created a relationship between the existing 'Customers' table from the Invoices starter solution and I've added an existing filemaker source - the table from the 'Contacts' starter solution to the Invoices solutions.


              I have then created a relationship between the Customer ID and the Contacts ID to create a portal on the customers layout. I am to then create a button that will open to the Contacts Starter solution.


              I am following an older webinar from Filemaker Academy step by step. Could this idea not be compatible with FM15?

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                ah, well you didn't mention before that your contacts table is in an entirely separate file!


                Ideally, your contacts table should be added to your invoices file. Hosting a completely separate file just for adding a contacts table is a little much. You can copy and paste a lot from the starter solutions into your main file (table, layouts, scripts, etc..) Todd Geist has an excellent checklist for "moving code":

                Checklist For Moving FileMaker Code - Geist Interactive


                I've never used portals as a means to enter data in other files, I would need to test if it was compatible, but I don't see why it wouldn't be.


                Usually when I'm adding data to another file, I have a set of global fields that I will pass as parameters to a script that is executed from another file. There's a great module for passing multiple parameters via script as well:


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                  Thanks for the links!

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                    I have then created a relationship between the Customer ID and the Contacts ID

                    I'm pretty sure that this is your problem. Those are probably both primary keys that auto-enter unique values--either serial numbers or UUID's. For a portal to work, the relationship should be set up where the layout's table has an auto-entered unique ID (primary key) that matches to a field in the portal's table that does not auto-enter a value and which does not have "prohibit modification" nor "unique values" specified--as is often specified for a primary key field.