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    search field script



      I'm wanting to create a search find script for a field within a pop-up box. Is there a simple script that would allow me to search 'Customer Name' in another layout to that of the pop-up box?

      I've tried numerous different scripts and tried to copy paste from other starter solutions however can't get it right!


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          Finds work fine with pop-up menus. Can you clarify what you are trying to do? Does the popup menu not pop? Are the layouts based on two different table occurrences. Any additional information would be helpful. Thanks so much.

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            Sounds like you want to put a "selection portal" inside of the popover--this is fairly commonly used method to get a list of values that filter/update with each keystroke used in place of a more typical value list as a way to select a value from a list.


            If that's what you had in mind, see this file:


            Adventures in FileMaking #2--enhanced value selection


            It has several working examples, each with detailed documentation on how they work and how they were set up.

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              I'm working with invoices and when adding a line item through a pop up box there is the option to search for products through a filter popover. It then locates the item in a portal within the popup box and when clicking the found item, the item will automatically be entered in to the invoice layout.


              I was wanting to achieve something similar with a different search filter however am more confused as I look at the script workspace.

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                Hi Phil,

                Thanks for the link. I had a look and "add item popover" is the exact thing I would like to achieve.

                Are you able to elaborate on how you created the "description search" field and how you linked that to 'products' which I assume would be on another layout

                Thank you!

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                  The file is quite thoroughly documented but if you have specific questions (that one is a bit general) about how they work, feel free to ask. And keep in mind that tables and layouts are two different things. Products are stored in a different table, not a layout. The relationship graph is reproduced right on the layout with explanatory text so I'm not sure exactly what more to say to expand on the text provided with the file. Note that you can click a table occurrence box in that picture to be taken to a layout based on that table occurrence in order to see the data in it.