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Problems with forms in Windows

Question asked by peregrina on Feb 3, 2017
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I am not a developer, but I use FileMaker to perform various tasks for my job. The problem is, I have a Windows computer while everyone else in my organization uses Macs.


Mostly, this has worked for me; however there have always been some forms that don't work--either I can't input anything into a field, or I can enter values but they won't save. This hasn't been a huge problem because I don't really need to use those forms.


However, after a recent server update, two forms that I really need to use have stopped working for me, though they work fine for everyone else. In one case, I can change the values in a drop-down box but not save them. In another, there's an embedded calendar that I have to choose a date on, but it isn't showing up at all for me. I have Windows 7, and I've heard that the forms work in Windows 10. So I'm not sure if the problem is my operating system, or if some setting has changed on my computer. Or maybe there's something that could easily be done on the back end to make this work?


I was told that the previous problems came about because FileMaker uses my system's default browser--Windows Explorer--which isn't very good. But when I search for other Windows users having similar problems, nothing comes up. (People seem to have problems with form elements showing up in different places in Windows vs Mac, but not problems saving or seeing them.)


I'm sorry I can't provide more detailed information, but I'm going to have to get a new computer if I can't figure this out, and I'd rather not do do that right now. I'm sorry I can't provide more information on the technical end. But does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks so much,