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I'm trying to get filemaker to error quicker if it cannot find a network resource.

Question asked by andypieman on Feb 6, 2017

I have a 'server heartbeat' db sat on a server. I'm trying to use this to check if the network server is available. The DB is very simple, two fields, one a timestamp for last communication.


From a local DB I run a script on server to this heartbeat. It just writes the current timestamp into the field. If I get no errors, I can assume the server is available. I've tested this against having the DB open and closed on the server, and the results are very quick, error or ok. When I connect over a dodgy network (O2's cloud without authentication) Filemaker will freeze for minutes trying to connect before failing.


Is there a way to get filemaker to error instantly if there is no reply from a network resource, or at least turn the minutes into seconds?


I've tried a number of techniques including opening remote file, running remote scripts with and without waiting, etc. Does anyone know of a better network test?