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PyFileMaker: questions about that Python library

Question asked by planteg on Feb 5, 2017
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I have a few questions about that Python Library that is a wrapper for XML communication with a server.


I am creating a proof of concept to see if that would be a solution for a customer. I am able to connect to database, set a table to a query and add a new record, but the call to execute a script. doScript(), did not work as expected. I created a script in my test database that does not use anything in the current context: it parses the parameter, a string, and returns a string. When I look at what's returned by doScript(), I get the contents of the first record, instead of the what's returned by the script.


Question no 1


Did someone ever used doScript with success ?


Question no 2


Do you consider PyFileMaker as a 'serious' enough library to do XML with FileMaker. I understand that it's freeware, but the authors do not seem to reply anymore.