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iOS: Check if app is installed on iPad using URL scheme of this app

Question asked by user22573 on Feb 7, 2017


on iOS my database solution (a stand-alone app created using SDK) communicates with another app to receive GPS data. This function is using the specific url scheme of this app. It is working fine.


But in practice there are two different cases in which the user may have problems:

1 - the app is not yet installed

2 - the app in not setup correctly for the GPS data source used.


I want to support the user by providing a proper error message. This means I need to recognise if the app is installed or not.

I have viewed the video from devcon by Chris Ipolite:

In one sentence he says, that it is possible to check if the app is installed and if not switch to App Store for downloading.

But he doesn't tell how  ;-(


Does anybody know who to check if the app is installed?


Thanks, Almute