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Optimization Tips JPG and Video for FM Go Tips? To Prevent Crashing?

Question asked by kenyehwest on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by schamblee

I keep seeing FileMaker Marketing showing video content distribution as a selling point along with having media rich custom apps. I'm having a lot of issue keeping my project test files from crashing.


How have you kept your apps from crashing?


I'm building a "Product Catalog" while using the Invoicing Start Solution Included. Going to have something like this instead of the current Product Details layout:

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 7.15.02 AM.png


Outside of optimizing images as PNG and videos kept as small as possible, have you found any other tips or tricks to keep the app from crashing on iOS?


Note: All files will need to be stored locally because the solution is being deployed to users "on the road" without WiFi connectivity most of the time.


iPad Resource Management so far:

So far I've found that the video will keep "playing" in a PopOver even if the user taps out of it. I have a feeling it is draining the iPad's resources especially when another video is being played in another PopOver, thus leading to an eventual crash. I've tried to deal with this by actively stopping the video through the AVplayer Script Steps.


Any tips on reducing crashes will be greatly appreciated. In short, should I be focusing in on optimizing and make sure the iPad's resources aren't being used up on non-visible media?