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    How Do I Know If My File Is Corrupt?


      I run a real estate business using FMP 14.0.6 on a Mac running El Capitan (10.11.6).  I manage 10 properties, of which I have a tabbed layout showing the monthly P&L for each property.  There is a tab for each property on the top of the P&L's to filter through them easily.  In addition to the P&L, on the same report, I also show a distribution of net income to shareholders.  I have a field that shows the % due to the shareholder, as well as a field showing the actual distribution amount (net income * % ownership).


      I have a separate layout that pulls this distribution figure from each of the 10 P&L layouts, to show the full distribution report for the shareholders, which breaks down their distribution for a given month, on all 10 properties, on one page.


      I recently noticed that the figures being shown on the 'Distribution Report' are inaccurate (somewhere between $50 - $200 off).  Not for all properties, but a handful.  How do i attack this problem?  Could my file be corrupt?  If so, what do I do?


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          You may need to tell us more about the file structure (fields and relationships).

          Corruption; maybe.

          But IMHO 99.99999% of the time it is a safe bet that you have overlooked a subtle data error.

          Key fields that aren't quite correct, maybe they have an extra space or mis-typed value.

          Fields that should be number fields that are instead defined as text fields.

          Fields that should be date fields that are instead defined as text fields.

          Calculation expressions that quote numeric values, thus turning them into text.


          One of the interesting tools to use when researching this kind of problem is to use Insert from Index.

          The safest way to do this is to enter find mode; click into a field; then do command-I.

          See attached example.

          propertyname index.png

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            I fully endorse Bruce's recommendation of using Insert from Index as a convenient way to spot dodgy data—and his observation that that may well be the source of the oddities you've observed.

            You could also try to save a compacted copy of the file, which process I believe resets field indexes (please correct me if I'm wrong anybody).

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              The file is not corrupt.  I figured out that there were duplicates which were causing the NOI and Distributions to be wrong.  Thanks for both of your responses.