Hosting FileMaker on my iMac at home

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Apologies in advance for this question... I have a database file that needs to be shared with a co-worker. The co-worker is outside my home network - actually a few miles down the road. There will just be the two of us using the file. I am able to obtain a static IP (my ISP can provide). I understand that I need to open up port 5003. My question is, what is the address that I give to my remote co-worker to enable him to access the FM file? Does he just need the static IP address and FM file name? Or is there more to it than this?


Sorry, that's lots of questions.


But there are more...


How do I open Port 5003


Once I have been assigned the static IP address, what do I do with it?


I did this years ago but the passing of time and getting on a bit...


Many thanks!