Blank Keyboard Shortcut Bar Showing in FMGO when using Bluetooth Keyboard

Discussion created by on Feb 7, 2017
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Product and version FMGO 15

Hardware iPad Air 2


A blank white horizontal bar appears at the bottom of the screen when using a bluetooth keyboard in FMGO.


How to replicate

In iOS Settings> General> Keyboards, switch off Predictive and Shortcuts. This means that when entering text in any app, the keyboard has no toolbar above it.


Open a DB in FMGO with a Script to switch off Toolbars:


Show/Hide Toolbars [Include Edit Record Toolbar ; Hide]


With both the FM toolbar and iOS predictive toolbar now off, the expected behaviour when connecting a bluetooth keyboard would be that no keyboard or toolbar would be visible. Instead a blank white bar is visible at the bottom of the screen.


In any other app, with the iOS predictive toolbar off, and a bluetooth keyboard connected, nothing is visible.


Workaround none