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    Value list euro


      I had an "Active Sponsors"  value list entry that I called "Defender Gastonia" but then because of a name conflict had to change it to "Defender Gastonia Cleaners".  Everything works fine until I go to export results of a search for active sponsors and it gives me both names - Defender Gastonia and Defender Gastonia Cleaners: 


      Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 3.29.13 PM.png


      I can't figure out how to fix this.  I've gone back to the Value List and "Defender Gastonia" definitely doesn't exist so how can it be exported to excel? 


      Any thoughts? 



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          changing a value list a posteriori (after having entered data in records by choosing values from that value list) won't fix the data in existing records.


          Search for all the records that have "Defender Gastonia" in the sponsor field and do a replace field contents with "Defender Gastonia Cleaners" to fix the situation. Then export.


          Replace Field Contents can't be undone so if you feel insecure do it on a copy of your Database.

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            I did try that, but it doesn't work.  I'm a fairly new user of Filemaker so I'm probably doing it wrong.  I did the replace field contents as a calculation: Current Sponsor = "Defender Gastonia Cleaner" and nothing happened. 

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              Did you do a search first ?

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                well, "Defender Gastonia" is not one of the Current Sponsors anymore so how do I search for it?    When I export that field, it has "Defender Gastonia Defender Gastonia Cleaner" in the excel spreadsheet.  Would it be easier just to delete the current sponsor Defender Gastonia Cleaner from the value list, then add it as a new one then recheck the radio button? 

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                  As you suspect, it looks as if you used the "Replace with calculated result" option and have the calc itself configured wrongly. The simplest way to Replace Field Contents is to go to one of the records that has the correct data in the field and use the first Replace option (Replace with), which is to reset all other records to the value in the current record.

                  Naturally, make sure before you do this that you have found the set of records you want to fix.

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                    You can find records with the old value that is no longer present in the list, if you put an added copy of this field on your layout that is not formatted as a value list. You can then enter find mode and type your previous name into that edit box formatted field.

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                      this worked like a champ!!  Thanks so much!!