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Numbering Pages on Combined Reports for Print

Question asked by markmeer on Feb 6, 2017
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I've got a (parent) table, "Employees", with several related tables: "training", "incidents", "shifts"..etc.


What I'd like to be able to do is print a report (PDF), that contains all data from parent table and all related tables for a given employee.

Because of the difficulty with formatting portals, I've written a script to simply print each table separately (from dedicated list-view layouts), appending to a PDF of the same filename each time.  This results in a single PDF with all the information, and is formatted reasonably well (massive pagebreaks notwithstanding...).


Anyway, this approach is acceptable except that I'd like to number the pages with a footer reading "Page (n)  of (totalPages)".

I've noticed an idea suggestion logged to this effect (which I've upvoted), but I'm curious if anyone can think of a workaround in the meantime...


I know one possibility is to create a single, massive, report table that combines all associated data from related tables beforehand, but the scripting and layout task this presents is a bit overwhelming.


Can anyone think of a way to calculate and insert page numbers (and total page count) when reports are combined like this?


Thanks in advance!