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Filmmaker Go and Geolocation

Question asked by JulioSandoval on Feb 6, 2017
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I actually have two questions that I need help answered;


Question 1:

We are using FileMaker Go on iPads and have containers for images.

When we insert from device:camera, it does NOT store the EXIF of the image.

Does anyone know why?


If I upload the image from the iPads library (Meaning the user has to leave FM Go, and take a picture from the Camera App)

the EXIF of the image is present.


***If you wish to test this for yourself, choose Camera when you tap your container, and for a second record choose Photo Library.

Then drag and drop the images to your desktop or export it. Then look at the Photo Details (if you are using Apple, open Photo in preview, then press command+i for image details. One image will have EXIF Tab, the other does not.***


Question 2:

Why does FM Go take so long to grab a Geolocation??

I am using get(location value) function. Timeouts are set to 30 seconds for testing purposes and the Accuracy is set to 300.


It takes at least 20 seconds over the wifi to grab a geolocation.

When I copy the DB to my phone, the highest was 7 seconds.


Thank you all for your time.


I appreciate it.


We are using:

FileMaker Pro Advanced 15 - Latest

FileMaker Go 15 - Latest