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FMPA 15.03 & Safari Crash when Printing

Question asked by JohnValeanBaily on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Benjamin Fehr

Since updating to Mac OSX Sierra I have a had a continuing printing problem when using FileMaker Pro Advanced 15.03.


Printing invariably fails, causing the app to crash and asking if I want to submit an Apple Report.

[This occurs both running a FM file locally or from my FM server].


This problem happens on a MacBookPro 2016 and a Mac Pro (2012). Both running Sierra.


I obviously thought that my database might be corrupted, I checked, Recovered etc. No errors were reported at any time.


I reverted my MacBookPro to El Capitan and the problem has disappeared. Not one crash.


The crashes continue using the same file on the MacPro (both machines running a file from the Server - or locally).


There is obviously a serious incompatibility between Sierra and FMPA15.


Any suggestions, thoughts or comments.