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I can't decide what type of records formats would be best for the following scenario.  I take pictures at the time of a consultation, prior to and after a surgery.  The post-op pictures are at 2 weeks, 8 weeks and 3 months since the surgery.  Each session has a minimum of 6 pictures.  I want to be able in a portal to compare a prep picture to a post-op result to show the changes made (you would be absolutely amazed at what a person forget what was there before and what is there afterwards). 


The relationship would be a patient has multiple surgeries, sometimes several at the some time and others on a different date.  Each surgery has many pictures.   I don't know what would be most efficient as far as photo record management.  Should I just use a layout with multiple field from the some Table, each field being a container field?  There will be at least 6 container field on the layout labeled "preoperative pictures", then in another layout from the same table for "postop pictures first session" then other layouts representing sequential postoperative picture session.  This mean the table will have a minimum of 24 container fields.  (  I know it will be more but for clarity this is an example.)    All pictures would be in a single table.    Or should I just have each picture, let say an AP shot (from the front) be a new record from a table with just one container field that links to the operation ID and subsequently the patient ID.  This method would require only a handful of fields. The other because some operations take 10 picture but most use 6 pictures would require additional picture container field that might not be utilized.  Example: If one operation lets say a breast augmentation, which I do a lot, typically uses 6 picture and a mommy makeover, which I do a reasonable number, requires at least 10 picture then that would mean 4 containers in the breast augmentation record would not be filled.  Seem like a waste of fields. 


Any advice?


Thank, Dr B