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    FM Cloud Updates?


      Is there a place where Filemaker is providing updates and notes related to Filemaker Cloud?  I haven't heard too much since the release?  Hoping to see issues like the number of server sides scripts setting adjusted.  I know FMI said they expected FM Cloud would be a more dynamically updated product.  If you are using it presently, are you seeing updates from FMI?  There's only one minor update listed in the Support/Downloads section.


      Kind regards,

      Lee Snover

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          Thanks.  I'm aware of the marketing.  I'm curious about updates and changes since the roll out.

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            Hi Lee,


            FileMaker Cloud includes notifications in the admin console when updates are released. The most recent FileMaker Cloud update was version, which was released in November.


            If you don't currently have an instance running, the best place to find info about recent updates and documentation changes would be the FileMaker Knowledgebase. Just filter for recent FileMaker Cloud answers.




            There have also been a handful of CentOS security patches. Those are also included in notifications, but I haven't seen any specific mention of them in the Knowledge Base.



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              Thanks Greg.


              Do you know if they addressed the problem with the fixed Script Sessions parameter?


              That was preventing me from really being able to even attempt to use it.




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                I am fairly sure they have not. I'm not sure they necessarily see this as a bug, but hopefully they will add a feature that allows it to change from 25.

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                  Well, it's buggin me for sure.  ;-)

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                    Out of interest, is it problematic for you because you have more than 25 users who may be running up to 1 PSoS session at a given time or because you have users or can be running more than 1 PSoS session at a given time?


                    For me it's the latter.

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                      I make heavy use of PSOS.  So generally less than 25 users, but more PSOS scripts potentially running at once.

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                        Good to know. I'm going to see how the updates go over the next few months and if we get no progress I'll create an "idea" for this.

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                          Well, it looks like Filemaker has made some movement on this.


                          If you have a Cloud version with more than 25 users, they now give you 100 PSOS sessions.  If you have 25 or less, you get 25.  I think this is subjectively a poor way to handle this.   The amount one chooses to use PSOS is not necessarily tied to the number of users.   If we are paying for our own Virtual Machines, I do not understand why Filemaker feels the need to constrain our use of the Server environment.  Abusing this setting becomes self defeating, but artificially limiting it introduces un-necessary limitations and problems should the cap be reached.

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                            Yes, I appreciate that they have attempted to address the issue but they have done so in a way that is not particularly helpful. My suggestion to FMI was to multiply the user count by 5 to get the allowed concurrent PSoS sessions count. That way you get 25 with a 5 user FLT license, 50 with a 10 user license, all the way up to 500 for a 100+ user license.


                            This would be much more in line with FileMaker Server. I'm not sure why they are crippling the FMCloud product in this way but hopefully it's something that can be improved in the next update.

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                              I agree.  It just doesn't make much sense.  We are doing more and more on the server with WebDirect and FMGo, so limiting PSOS seems counterproductive.  Maybe they are having issues with large thread counts under Linux?  Though I was always led to believe that Linux was better at multiple process work than Windows.  Also, what user count determines the cutoff?  I'm guessing this is purely FLT licensing.  I have two traditional licenses each with 25 Web users.  So I guess I can buy 5 more and bump my PSOS count to 100.  It's all a bit hokey.